My Plan to Disarm the American Citizenry

1) Line up some big donors to subsidize the NRA.

2) Employ the NRA in whipping up fears of firearms being taken away. This leads to intimidation tactics by the NRA fringe against liberals.

3) Order NRA to give the donors copies of membership rolls. Log web signatures of all firearm enthusiasts.

4) Build coalition with Christian Right so we can build false equivalency of patriotism, Christian belief, and firearm possession.

5) Capture political process through limiting voter access for those likely to vote against us.

6) Establish theo-fascist regime.

7) Use NRA rolls and surveillance logs (see 3) to “visit” gun owners, in force. Ignore fact that such an effort is entirely undoable. God is on our side; facts and practicality are irrelevant.


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