‘Should Sharia Law be banned in the USA? Click “Like” if you agree.’

One of the suggested pages on my Facebook news feed asks the question above. I have two reasons that is the wrong question.

1)  People who would be the least bit interested in living under Sharia Law are a very small minority in this country. Does anyone seriously think such few people, who are not billionaires, can have much influence on our laws?

2)  If anything resembling Sharia come into force here, it will be called “Christian Morality”, or something similar. All of the effort, of which I am aware, to weaken our constitutional protections against such a thing are coming from the Christian Right. If Sharia Law takes hold here it will be because of the groundwork done by Christians.

It is truly a silly question because that is not our danger. Such questions are asked to divert attention from the real dangers to American civil society: climate change, plutocracy, theocratic fascism (oh, look! I made a new term!). If you, yes, you, are afraid of the power of a despised minority then you have fallen for the con. The powerful minority sits in the penthouse suite pulling strings and getting things their way.

Love, and revolution,



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